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There is an extensive range of attachments available to enhance your compact tractor. All designed to make your estate maintenance quicker, easier and safer. Below is an insight in to some of the more popular items available. We understand that everyones requirements are different and if you have a specific job that you need to mechanize, please feel free to contact us to discuss the options available.


Finish mowers are ideal for larger formal areas, where you require a lawn finish.

Rotary toppers are suited to paddocks where grass has gone to seed or weeds need to be contolled.

Flail toppers are required for heavily overgrown areas and scrub land reclaiming.

Verge mowers can be used behind the tractor, but can also be angled up or down to the side of the tractor for bank and verge cutting.

ATV flail mower has its own petrol engine for paddock maintenance behind an ATV or UTV.

Flail hedge cutters are available for paddock hedge cutting.

Wood chippers are ideal for clearing woodland or garden offcuts. They are available in gravity or hydraulic feed options.


Current stock items are,

1.45m Heavy duty flail mower

1.4m rotary topper

1.5m finishing mower


Rollers are available in various widths and can be ballasted with water to increase the weight to suit conditions. They can be supplied with a pin or ball hitch, so are suitable for tractors and ATV's.

Aerators are used to reduce soil compaction, assist with drainage and allow air to get to the roots to encourage better grass growth.

Chain harrows are available in trailed or mounted types. The trailed can be used behind a tractor or ATV. Mounted models have folding wings to give you a narrow transport and storage size. All our mats are 5' long and the three way mat, giving your three stages of aggressiveness to suit your requirements.


Current stock items are,

5' Roller with pin or ball hitch

4' Trailed chain harrow

6' Trailed chain harrow

6' Mounted chain harrow


Rotovators are perfect for tilling and cultivating compacted ground. With various working depth settings and a rear door it leaves a smooth level finish.

Power harrows are suitable for seed bed preparation in ground that has already been sprayed off and assists with aerating the ground.

Stone buriers allow you to bury stones and debris which helps with drainage and leaves a level fine tilt on the surface ready for seeding.

Ploughs are available in single or reversible formats and allow you to turn over your ground burying grass, previous crops or manure, ready to work in to a seed bed.

Cultivators are suitable for working and breaking down the ground.

Grading blades can be used to remove wheel ruts and centres of driveways and tracks. It can also be used for levelling chippings, soil etc.

Box graders has a row of heavy duty tines to rip up compacted soil at various working depths. The box scraper then levels the ground.

Subsoiler / pipe layer can be used to break up the plough pan to assist with drainage. With the pipe laying attachment it can be used to bury water pipes or armoured cable accross your paddock without the need of digging a trench.


Current stock items are,

Agrint Country heavy duty 1.25m rotovator


Tipping trailers are perfect for moving a wide range of items, with drop sides and tailgate for ease of loading. Wide turf tyres help to reduce ground damage. One spool valve is required to operate the tipping body.

Tipping transport boxes are a great way to move muck, soil, logs and tools around your estate. The rear cutting edge enables you to reverse in to a pile to assist loading and a manually operated tip lever allows for ease of unloading. It also has a removeable tailgate and sides to give you a more flexable load area.

Pallet forks can be attached to the rear linkage arms to enable pallets and other items to be safely transported. You can adjust the width of the tine settings and fold them up for safe transport and storage when not in use.

Rear bale spikes are ideal for transporting hay and straw round bales.


Current stock items are,

1.5 Ton tipping trailer

1.5 metre wide tipping transport boxes

300kg Capacity pallet forks

700kg Capacity pallet forks



We can offer a range of log splitters to suit both compact and larger tractors with a splitting force of 10, 13 or 16 tons. They are all galvanised and the ram can be adjusted for different lengths of logs. They can be powered from the tractor spool valve or from the tractors PTO with there own hydraulic pump.  A stand alone version is available with its own petrol engine and power pack which removes the need to tie up a tractor and is ideal for yard use. We also offer a 16 ton fast tow trailer mounted splitter with a Honda petrol engine. 


Current stock items are,

16 Ton fast tow splitter.


The backhoe is ideal for trenching, levelling ground and general landscaping.

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